The materials on this CD-ROM and Web site have been created by Webmaster Amy Talhouk of the the Department of International Health, Boston University School of Public Health. The materials have been edited by Richard Laing (BUSPH) and Dennis Ross-Degnan (Harvard Medical School.

The course materials were originally developed by members of both country and support groups of the International Network for the Rational Use of Drugs (INRUD) coordinated by David Lee of Management Sciences for Health. Different modules have been written or revised by Dennis Ross-Degnan, Richard Laing, Budiono Santoso, Sri Suryawati, Kumud Kafle, Edelisa Carandang, David Ofori Adjei, Farai Chinyanganya, Hans Hogerzeil, Daphne Fresle, Sam Muziki, Steve Soumerai and many other INRUD members and supporters. Photographs have been provided by Edelisa Carandang, Willy Anockobonggo, Sri Suryawati, Kathy Holloway and others. These contributions are gratefully acknowledged.

Financial support for the production of the CD-ROM, and Web page has been provided by the WHO. Support for the INRUD Network has been provided by Danida, Pew Charitable Trusts, WHO/DAP, Ausaid, USAID, UNICEF, other donors and Management Sciences for Health.

These materials have been in a constant state of evolution as the field has changed and new materials have been developed. This is the first time the materials have been provided using electronic media. We welcome any comments, suggestions or additional materials that can be placed on the Web page or added to future CD-ROMs.

Please send any comments, suggestions or additional materials to Richard Laing.