12th Expert Committee on the Selection and Use of Essential Medicines
15-19 April 2002

(Revised 26 March 2002)


Open session: 15 April 2002

Meetings of WHO Expert Committees are private. However an open session of the 12th Meeting of Committee on the Use of essential Drugs is planned for* 15 April 2002 in Salle D (fifth floor) of the WHO main building between 10.00-17.00h.


The objective of this open session is to create an opportunity for stakeholders to participate in the general discussions of the Expert Committee and to present their views on Items of the Agenda.


Due to the limited available space and the recently introduced security measures attendance can only be on a named basis. For those wishing to attend please contact R Gray  for registration so that the security staff at the entrance can be informed of your arrival. Casual attendance on the day of the meeting will not be possible.




10.00 Opening Salle D


Procedures for Updating and Disseminating the Model List of Essential Medicines:

  • Update on current situation

  • Current state of WHO Essential Medicines Library

  • Current state of WHO Model Formulary

Outstanding technical issues:

  • Essential Medicines concept and description of essential drugs

Identification of priority needs for systematic review:

  • Priority medicines for systematic review

  • Priority sections for systematic review

Comments on applications for additions/changes/deletions to the Model List.


Comments on other items of the agenda of the Expert Committee.


17.00 Closure


Papers pertinent to the agenda items may be found under meeting documents.


* Subject to the Committee's agreement

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