WHO Model Formulary English edition 2004


  Model Formulary 2004 (entire document)   [word] [pdf]
    Acknowledgements   [word] [pdf]
    Abbreviations   [word] [pdf]
    Introduction   [word] [pdf]
    Changes to the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines   [word] [pdf]
    General advice to prescribers   [word] [pdf]
    Drugs used in anaesthesia   [word] [pdf]
    Analgesics antipyretics nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs drugs used to treat gout and disease modifying antirheumatic drugs   [word] [pdf]
    Antiallergics and drugs used in anaphylaxis   [word] [pdf]
    Antidotes and other substances used in poisonings   [word] [pdf]
    Anticonvulsants antiepileptics   [word] [pdf]
    Anti infective drugs   [word] [pdf]
    Antimigraine drugs   [word] [pdf]
    Antineoplastic and immunosuppressive drugs and drugs used in palliative care   [word] [pdf]
    Antiparkinson drugs   [word] [pdf]
    Drugs affecting the blood   [word] [pdf]
    Blood products and plasma substitutes   [word] [pdf]
    Cardiovascular drugs   [word] [pdf]
    Dermatological drugs (topical)   [word] [pdf]
    Diagnostics   [word] [pdf]
    Disinfectants and antiseptics   [word] [pdf]
    Diuretics   [word] [pdf]
    Gastrointestinal drugs   [word] [pdf]
    Hormones and other endocrine drugs and contraceptives   [word] [pdf]
    Immunologicals   [word] [pdf]
    Muscle relaxants peripherally acting and cholinesterase inhibitors   [word] [pdf]
    Ophthalmological preparations   [word] [pdf]
    Drugs used in obstetrics   [word] [pdf]
    Peritoneal dialysis solution   [word] [pdf]
    Psychotherapeutic drugs   [word] [pdf]
    Drugs acting on the respiratory tract   [word] [pdf]
    Solutions correcting water electrolyte and acid base disturbances   [word] [pdf]
    Vitamins and minerals   [word] [pdf]
    Appendix 1: Interactions   [word] [pdf]
    Appendix 2: Pregnancy   [word] [pdf]
    Appendix 3: Breastfeeding   [word] [pdf]
    Appendix 4: Renal impairment   [word] [pdf]
    Appendix 5: Hepatic impairment   [word] [pdf]


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