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List of posters
Session 1: use of medicines - measurement and methods

1P-1. Pharmaceutical costs of reproductive health services, Bates J, Ross-Degnan D, Beracochea E, Presenter: Beracochea E

1P-2. Pattern of drug use at a Delhi hospital before introducing different intervention strategies, Gupta U, Chaudhury RR, Presenter: Gupta U

1P-3. Adverse drug reaction monitoring programme in the Philippines, Hartigan-Go K, Presenter: Hartigan-Go K

1P-4. The value added to health care by pharmacists, Indritz MES, Artz MB, Presenter: Indritz MES

1P-5. Drug use for children with diarrhoeal diseases and ARI in Mongolia, Malchinkhuu D, Orosoo G, Presenter: Malchinkhuu D

1P-6. Health facility survey: a programme for improving diarrhoea case management, Meesomboon V,  Presenter: Meesomboon V

1P-7. Reduction of discrepancies in stock records in medical stores, Mejjah OS, Presenter: Mejjah OS

1P-8. Public sector selection, availability and use of medicines in the northern province of South Africa, Moller H, Summers RS, Presenter: Moller H

1P-9. A study of "prescribing patterns" in azotaemic patients in medical ward, Khon Kaen Hospital, Muenpa R and team, Presenter: Muenpa R

1P-10. Drug utilization study in two Kenyan referral hospitals, Mugabo P, Kiama BM, Shah HM, Presenter: Mugabo P

1P-11. Prescribing pattern of village midwives for non-obstetric cases in Purworejo, Central Java, Indonesia, Mukti AG, Radyowiyati A, Hakimi M, Lamsudin R, Presenter: Mukti AG

1P-12. A household survey of supply, availability and use of anti-malarial drugs in a rural region in Tanzania, Nsimba SED, Mbatiya ZA, Warsame YM, Massele AY, Tomson G, Presenter: Nsimba SED

1P-13. Time series analysis of antimicrobial prescriptions in Mulago Hospital, Ogwal-Okeng JW, Anokbonggo WW, Presenter: Ogwal-Okeng JW

1P-14. The role of clinical pharmacists in monitoring of drug interactions in the government hospital setting in Thailand, Suthisisang C, Sripairoj A, Pummangura C, Presenter: Suthisisang C

1P-15. Indian perspective of hospitals and community-based medication use studies, Uppal R et al, Presenter: Uppal R