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List of posters
Session 2: Improving use of medicines by health providers


2P-16. The impact of group development of treatment norms on prescribing at PHC levels in the Accra region, Ghana, Agyepong I, Anum P, Arhinful DK, Ofori-Adjei D, Presenter: Ofori-Adjei D

2P-17. Reducing multiple antibiotics in treatment of acute respiratory infections (ARI): a planned intervention in Haiti, Aupont O, Presenter: Aupont O

2P-18. Prescribing pattern of graduate and non-graduate medical prescribers in rural Bangladesh, Baqui QBOF, Choudhury SAR, Begum K, Presenter: Baqui QBOF

2P-19. Analysis of information to the attention of prescribers and patients concerning the treatment of diarrhoea in children in France, Bruneton C, Maritoux J, Topuz B, Presenter: Bruneton C

2P-20. Pharmacy education in Zimbabwe, Castiglia M, Chinyanganya FW, Smego RA Jr., Presenter: Chinyanganya F

2P-21. Study on drug use and treatment pattern of diarrhea cases at health centres of Thailand, 1995, Charanasri U, Wongsaroj T, Sricharmorn S, Meesomboon V, Thawaranan J, Presenter: Sricharmorn S

2P-22. "Immediate concurrent feedback" -- a focused initiative impacting hospital antibiotic prescribing, Ching TY, Seto WH, Kou M, Chiang SC, Lauder IJ, Kumana CR, Presenter: Ching TY

2P-23. Treatment of malaria - how and why in general practice, Dikshit RK, Desai CK, Desai MK, Shah MH, Shah UH, Presenter: Dikshit RK

2P-24. Creating affordable care in community health centers: an intervention to avoid expensive prescriptions in rural Haiti, Gourdet M, Aupont O, Presenter: Gourdet M

2P-25. Study of some parenteral antibiotics at the Children's Hospital in Thailand, Khieokhachee T, Vimolsarawong N, Pummangura C, Chotpitayasunondh T, Thadapak A, Presenter: Khieokhachee T

2P-26. A programme for promoting rational selection and prescribing in problem based medical curriculum, Mathur VS, Sequeira RP, Jassim KA, Presenter: Mathur VS

2P-27. Problem-based rational drug use train-the trainers programme: postgraduate, Orrell CJ, Kishuna A, Presenter: Orrell CJ

2P-28. A randomized controlled study to evaluate the impact of a short course in pharmacotherapy for undergraduate medical students, Santoso B, Suryawati S, Saleh-Danu S, Presenter: Santoso B

2P-29. Effect of novel antiobiotic order form on cost containment of injectable antibacterial drugs, Sirinavin S, Suwannakut P, Sathapattayavongs B, Malatham K, Presenter: Sirinavin S

2P-30. Evaluation of drug supply management and dispensing practices at health centres with and without trained assistant pharmacists, Suryawati S, Tubagus I, Presenter: Suryawati S

2P-31. Impact of focused workshops on rational use of drugs, Thomas M, Cherian AH, Mathai D, Presenter: Thomas M

2P-32. Strengthening curative care at PHC level in Mozambique, 1996 (On-the-job training in clinical procedures/diagnosis & rational prescribing), Chambule J.; Chonguiça MC; Ferruccio V; Machatine G; Valigy IV