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List of posters
Session 3: Improving community use of medicines


3P-1. Use of labeling to promote effective self-medication; Adikwu MU; Presenter: Adikwu MU

3P-2. Management of childhood diarrhoea by market women in Enugu State; Ene-Obong HN, Uwaegbute AC, Iroegbu CU; Presenter: Ene-Obong HN

3P-3. Ecological and cultural barriers to treatment of diarrhea in riverine area of Ondo State, Nigeria; Iyun BF, Oke EA; Presenter: Iyun BF

3P-4. The guidance about levonorgestrel use by drugstores in Chiang Mai; Matanapun N, Sangtam A, Sangprayoonporn CC; Presenter: Matanapun N

3P-5. Effective use of mass communication in improving use of medicines for HIV/AIDs-related diseases: Zimbabwe experience; Nyazema NZ; Presenter: Nyazema NZ

3P-6. Counseling program on oral contraceptive use at the faculty of pharmacy's drug store; Suthisisang CC, Pummangur C, Phattarabenjapol S, Pongchareonsuk P; Presenter: Suthisisang CC

3P-7. Therapeutic self-medication by doctors; Wali RS, Kankanwadi SK, Kadlimatti SH, Kulkarni DR; Presenter: Wali RS