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List of posters
Session 4: Policy and regulation


4P-1. Cost-effectiveness analysis of treatment of E histolytica / E dispar cyst carriers, Garduņo-Espinosa J, Martinez GMC, Valadez SA, Padilla G, Cadillo RR, Munoz HO, Presenter: Garduņo-Espinosa J

4P-2. Promoting rational use of drugs, Chen K, Mei R, Li J, Presenter: Chen K

4P-3. Utilisation of statins in a cardiology outpatient clinic, Cheung BMY, Chan J, Lau CP, Kumana CR, Presenter: Cheung BMY

4P-4. Low revenue returns on the "cash and carry" (RDF) scheme in health institutions in the eastern region (Ghana), Dadzie MY, Sabblah JK, Vanderpuije I, Baah CK, Presenter: Dadzie MY

4P-5. Impact of the Bamako Initiative activities in Vietnam (1990-1995), Dzung TV, An ND et al, Presenter: Dzung TV

4P-6. The role of cost-effectiveness in supplying antibiotics and problems with quantifying the need for antibacterials in primary care outlets in Nepal, Karkee SB, Glydmark M, Hansen EH, Onta SR, Presenter: Karkee SB

4P-7. How does pharmaceutical company promotion affect prescribing?, Mansfield PR, Presenter: Mansfield PR

4P-8. Consequences of using cotrimoxazole for childhood malaria in an area with multi-drug resistance in Tanzania, Mutabingwa TK, Ronn A, Bygbjerg IC; Presenter: Mutabingwa TK

4P-9. Selection of essential drugs for bulgaria pilot research based on the WHO essential drug formulary; Petrova G, Benicheva T, Mircheva J, Usunov J; Presenter: Petrova G

4P-10. Drug use situation and factors affecting drug cost in  big health centers, Nakorn Ratchasima Province; Pongcharoensuk P, Jaiarj P, Ratanawijitrasin S, Satayavongthip W; Presenter: Satayavongthip W

4P-11. The availability of essential drugs through the revolving drug fund scheme in Vietnam, Unterlerchner P, Umenai T, Presenter: Unterlerchner P

4P-12. A French physician's network monitoring medical representatives, B. Becel, D. Bardelay, E. 't Hoen and Prescrire editorial board