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Banquet photos


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B. Madabedje (Nigeria), A. Slirestha (Nepal), S. Suriyawati (Indonesia), and F. Iyunn (Nygeria)


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O. Lanza, N. Gasman and E. Fefer

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M. Murray and E. Fefer


F. Chinyanganga, M. Miralles, R. Summers and J. Madden


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C. Lessing, C. Bruneton, N. Naboulet and B. Trap working at the banquet

banquet6.gif (164749 bytes)

Dr Sauwakorn and M. Tan

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J. Hadiyono, E. Carandang, K. Balasubramanian and Z. Mirza


banquet9.gif (149099 bytes)

H. Hogerzeil and A. Smith

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E. Ombaka

banq11.jpg (126533 bytes)

J. Okumura and A. Smith