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List of presentations in small group sessions
Session 1: use of medicines - measurement and methods


Group 1A: Indicator Methods in Drug Use Studies

Group 1B: Methods for Studying Retail Practice

Group 1C: Methods for Studying Private Sector Practice

Group 1D: Methods for Studying Hospital Drug Use

Group 1E: Innovative Use of Social Science Methods

Group 1F: Methods for Systematic Reviews


Group 1A: Indicator Methods in Drug Use Studies

1A-l . Impact of a one-day workshop on rational use of benzodiazepines for general practitioners in a Costa Rican health facility; Chaves Matamoros A, Presenter: Lee D, for Chaves Matamoros A

1A-2. The development of standard values for the WHO drug use prescribing indicators; Isah AO, Ross-Degnan D, Quick J, Laing R, Mabadeje AFB; Presenter: Isah AO

1A-3. Indicators to assess rational drug use in the Philippines; Pugeda ML, Carandang ED; Presenter: Pugeda ML

1A-4. Indicators for drug and therapeutics committees in Australia; Weekes LM, Brooks C; Presenter: Weekes LM


Group 1B: Methods for Studying Retail Practice
1B-1. Evaluation of provider-client interaction in the distribution of oral contraceptives by private drug outlets in Ghana using the simulated client method; Arhinful DK, Ofori-Adjei D; Presenter: Arhinful DK

1B-2. Assessment in 7 African countries of the advice given in private drugstores through local researchers role playing as customers; Bruneton C. Maritoux J, Fontaine D; Presenter: Fontaine D

1B-3. Last customer interview questions-reliability and validity to investigate drug retailers practices for diarrhoea, ARI and pregnancy; Kafle KK, Pradhan YMS, Shrestha AD, Karkee SB, Das PL, Shrestha N, Prasad RR, Quick JD, Laing RO, Ross-Degnan D; Presenter: Kafle KK

1B-4. Undercover careseekers: simulated clients in the study of health provider behavior in developing countries; Madden IM, Quick JD, Ross-Degnan D, Kafle KK; Presenter: Madden JM


Group 1C: Methods for Studying Private Sector Practice
1C-1. Prescribing practices in the community; Bapna JS, Roy P, Jain A; Presenter: Bapna JS

1C-2. Prescribing a drug for its side-effect; Danish AF; Presenter: Danish AF

1C-3. Drug prescribing by private practitioners for common childhood problems in Karachi, Pakistan; Nizami SQ, Khan IQ, Bhutta ZA; Presenter: Nizami SQ

1C-4. An analysis of the patterns of prescribing in the public and private sectors within the Durban metropolitan area in South Africa; Suleman F, Dangor CM, Jinabhai CC; Presenter: Suleman F


Group 1D: Methods for Studying Hospital Drug Use
1D-1. Anti-asthmatic drug utilization trends in Hong Kong; Kou M, Kumana CR, Ip MSM, Lauder II; Presenter: Kou M

1D-2. The application of ABC (Pareto) analysis to drug consumption data for targeting interventions; Lee D, Miralles MA, Rankin I, Valdes Duron I, Cruz C, Ruiz de Esparza I; Presenter: Lee D

1D-3. Rational prescribing of five selected drugs at hospitals in Zimbabwe; Trap B, Lessing C, Levy L; Presenter: Lessing C

1D-4. Pattern of diarrhea treatment in teaching hospitals in Thailand; Varavithya W, Phichaipat V, Harikel S; Presenter: Varavithya W

Group 1E: Innovative Use of Social Science Methods
1E-1. Prescribers drug use pattern in Awassa, Ethiopia; Dikasso D, Gobe Z, T/Mariam S; Presenter: Dikasso D

1E-2. Identification of opinion leader physicians as clinical change agents: the case of a randomized controlled trial for myocardial infarction; McLaughlin Tl, Soumerai SB; Presenter: McLaughlin TJ

1E-3. The availability and use of drugs in rural Thai villages: some methodological experiences; Sringernyuang L, Hongvivatana T, Pradubmuk P; Presenter: Sringernyuang L

1E-4. The use of drugs in management of diarrhoeal diseases in rural Nigeria; Uwaegbute AC, Ene-Obong HN, Onwurah AE; Presenter: Uwaegbute AC

1E-5. Integrated and participative approach to rational use of drugs in Nicaragua; Gasman N, Berrios M, Palacio S, Orozco E

Group 1F: Methods for Systematic Reviews
1F-1 . Criteria for reviewing studies of interventions to improve prescribing - the CCEPP experience; Haaijer-Ruskamp FM, Barjesteh K, Bero L, Freemantle C, Gill P, Makela M, Thorsen T, Ryan G; Presenter: Haaijer-Ruskamp FM

1F-2. Feasibility study of the need for a resource centre on intervention research in rational use of drugs; LeGrand A, Hogerzeil HV. Haaijer-Ruskamp FM; Presenter: Haaijer-Ruskamp FM

1F-3. Impact of pharmacy benefit managers: a qualitative assessment; Lipton HL, Kreling DH, Collins TC, Hertz KC; Presenter: Lipton HL

1F-4. The Scottish Royal Colleges Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SICN) initiative; Petrie IC; Presenter: Petrie IC