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List of presentations in small group sessions
Session 3: Improving community use of medicines


Group 3A: Community-Oriented Interventions

Group 3B: Strategies for Consumer Education

Group 3C: Interventions to Improve Drug Seller Practice

Group 3D: Care Seeking and Self-Medication

Group 3E: Using the Political Process to Promote Quality Use

Group 3F: Flow of Drug Information in the Community


Group 3A: Community-Oriented Interventions

3A-1. The effect of a community health education program on the prescribing of antibiotics for pneumonia using the WHO-CARI protocol as a yardstick, Dalmacion GV, Presenter: Dalmacion GV

3A-2. An intervention trial to decrease the unnecessary use of drugs during childhood diarrhea, Paredes P, Yeager B, Montalvo J, Arana A, Presenter: Paredes P

3A-3. Core community drug use indicators, Rasmussen Z, Hardon A, Presenter: Rasmussen Z

3A-4. A model for improving the distribution and use of household medicines in rural communities, Sawanaloke District, Sukhothai Province, 1992-1993, Suchaithanavanich S, Presenter: Suchaithanavanich S

Group 3B: Strategies for Consumer Education
3B-1. The impact of community-based teaching on drugs: an experience from Western Uganda, Adome RO, Whyte SR, Ortenblad L, Nsabagasani X, Turinde AK, Presenter: Adome RO

3B-2. A competition for the promotion of essential generic drugs in Africa: a participative method for appropriate promotion and for research, Bruneton C, Favre I, Fontaine D, Presenter: Bruneton C

3B-3. Self-learning for self-medication: an alternative to improve the rational use of OTCs, Suryawati S, Santoso B, Presenter: Suryawati S

Group 3C: Interventions to Improve Drug Seller Practice
3C-1. Effects of essential drugs sensitization on knowledge and drug dispensing practice of informal drug providers, Kiwanuka MN, Presenter: Kiwanuka MN

3C-2. Does restricting use of medications to specific providers improve drug use? Namukasa JM, Presenter: Namukasa JM

3C-3. A controlled trial of the impact of face-to-face educational outreach on diarrhoea treatment in pharmacies in two developing countries, Ross-Degnan D, Soumerai SB, Goel PK, Bates J, Makhulo J, Dondi N, Sutoto. Adi D, Ferraz-Tabor L, Hogan R, Presenter: Ross-Degnan D

3C-4. The effects of an intervention on the drug-selling behavior of sarisari (variety) store keepers in some villages in the Philippines, Sia IC, Valerio J, Presenter: Sia IC


Group 3D: Care Seeking and Self-Medication
3D-1. Drug management, drug use and household expenditures on drugs at grassroot PHC level in Vietnam, Dzung TV, Schuftan C, et al, Presenter: Dzung TV

3D-2. Drug wastage and utilization study: a preliminary community project, Ibrahim M I M, Awang R, Razak DA, Presenter: Ibrahim M I M

3D-3. Impact of revolving drug und on drug use in Vietnam, Okumura I, Umenai T, Presenter: Okumura J

3D-4. Community based drug utilization study, Quijano RF, Presenter: Quijano RF

Group 3E: Using the Political Process to Promote Quality Use
3E-1. From generic names to generic drugs in Brazil - building the link between public and private health care, Berrnudez JAZ, Presenter: Bermudez JAZ

3E-2. Recent progress of China drug policy, Hu S, Presenter: Hu S

3E-3. RUD and the political process: the Australian Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) Program, Smith AJ, Presenter: Smith AJ

3E-4. Civil society and drugs: lessons learned from evaluation of policy on generic labeling and advertisement control in Thailand, Wibulpolprasert S, Kornkasem N, Presenter: Wibulpolprasert S

Group 3F: Flow of Drug Information in the Community
3F-1. Lost in a noisy marketplace: will the mass media supply essential drug information in Vietnam? Finer D, Tomson G, Presenter: Finer D

3F-2. Training school teachers and journalists: approaches for improving the use of medicines in the community, Kafle KK, Shrestha BM, Bhuju GB, Karkee SB, Humagal BR, Dangechhetri GB. PHON, Nepal, Presenter: Kafle KK

3F-3. Development of health education materials on appropriate drug use for illiterate mothers in the northern areas, Nisa J, Musa G, Rasmussen ZA, Presenter: Nisa J

3F-4. Medicine prescribing, dispensing, and purchasing behavior in Central Java: patient information and patterns of medications in an industrialized dualist economy, Walser BL, Santoso B, Ross-Degnan D, Presenter: Walser BL