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International Conferences on Improving Use of Medicines (ICIUM)


ICIUM 1997 Home programme addresses acknowledgments schedule conference organization
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List of presentations in small group sessions
Session 4: Policy and regulation


Group 4A: WHO and International Regulatory Issues

Group 4B: National Regulatory Issues

Group 4D: Impact of Policies on the Use of Generic Drugs

Group 4D: Hospital Level Policies

Group 4E: Financing, Cost Recovery, and Quality Use

Group 4F: Issues in Disease Management Cost-Effectiveness


Group 4A: WHO and International Regulatory Issues
4A-1. Regulatory actions to enhance appropriate drug use: the case of antidiarrheal drugs, Haak H, Presenter: Haak H

4A-2. Regulatory intervention for rational use of drugs in ARI/CDD, Mirza Z, Kiani AG, Presenter: Mirza Z

4A-3. Drug trade between developed and developing countries: efficacy of regulation systems, problems and perspectives, Naboulet P, Ven der Heide B, Brunelon C, Presenter: Naboulet P

4A-4. Evaluation of the implementation of WHO ethical criteria for medicinal drug promotion in Indonesia, Saleh-Danu S, Prawitasari JE, Suryawati S, Presenter: Saleh-Danu S

Group 4B: National Regulatory Issues
4B-1. Strict separation between prescription and delivery tasks: a strategy to improve medication use and distribution in Thailand, Favre I, Presenter: Favre I

4B-2. How effective is the surveillance in ensuring the appropriate distribution of and patients' accessibility to drugs: the case of steroid tablets, Hongsamutr D, Kajorntam Y, Pradabmook P, Presenter: Hongsamutr D

4B-3. Indicator studies, a powerful and useful management tool in the monitoring, evaluation and planning of EDP: an analysis and discussion of usefulness from studies carried out in Zimbabwe from 1989 until 1996, Trap B, Lessing C, Nathoo Kl, Chinyanganya F, Chidarikire A, Presenter: Chinyanganya F

4B-4. Practices by dispensing doctors related to rational drug use and health economics, Trap B, Presenter: Trap B

Group 4C: Impact of Policies on the Use of Generic Drugs
4C-1 . Impact of the implementation of the Philippine Generics Law on prescribing for acute respiratory and urinary tract infections in twenty Metro Manila hospitals, Carandang ED, Pugeda M, Cammayo A, Lanuza N, Ross-Degnan D., Presenter: Carandang ED

4C-2. Use of generic names has impact of items on drugs in hospitals, Sooksriwongse C, Thongnopnua N, Pongrhareonsuk P. Kanjanarat P, Presenter: Sooksriwongse C

4C-3. An evaluation of a regulation for dispensing drug products under generic name: case study of Ramathibodi Hospital, Suvanakoot P and team, Presenter: Suvanakoot P

Group 4D: Hospital Level Policies
4D-1. The effect of interventions on rational use of drugs, Chaudhury RR, Bapna JS, Presenter: Chaudhury RR

4D-2. Effect of pharmaceutical control policy in Shanghai, Chen W, Hu S, Cheng X, Presenter: Wen C

4D-3. The analysis of hospitals/doctor prescribing behavior, Cheng X, Chen W, Presenter: Cheng X

Group 4E: Financing, Cost Recovery, and Quality Use
4E-1. Introduction of user fees in Myanmar: its effect on drug availability and patients attendance, Fujita, N, Hamai T, Sato H, Presenter: Fujita N

4E-2. The effects of different charging mechanisms on rational drug use in eastern rural Nepal, Holloway KA, Gautam BR, Presenter: Holloway KA

4E-3. Impact of revolving drug fund system on rational use of drugs in Vietnam, Osaka K, Umenai T, Presenter: Osaka K

4E-4 Community health workers and village drug fund why do they have limited roles in the promotion of RUD in Thailand?, Sringernyuang L, Hongvivatana T, Pradubmuk P, Presenter Sringernyuang L

Group 4F: Issues in Disease Management Cost-Effectiveness
4F-1 . Drug related morbidity and mortality impact of pharmaceutical care, Bootman IL, Presenter Bootman JL

4F-2. Use of cost-effectiveness assessments in drug subsidization decisions: the Australian experience, Hill SR, Henry DA, Presenter Hill SR

4F-3. Impact of antibiotic treatment guidelines for community acquired pneumonia a disease management approach, Noel MW, Bootman JL, Apgar DA, Schmidt F, Presenter Noel MW

4F-4. Evaluation of cost and appropriateness of antibiotic prescribing or community-acquired pneumonia using a novel computer program, Riewpaiboon A, Sunderland VB Passmore PR, Sirinavin S, Jirasmitha S, Tangcharoensaithien V, Kongpatanakul S, Jeanpeerapong N, Russmeechan S, Sansaneeyashewin C Lertsupochavanich J, Kidkeuakarun R, Pokhakul P, Presenter Riewpaiboon A