Study framework, methods and instruments

As agreed during workshop held at Millennium Sea Breeze Resort, Bagamoyo, Tanzania; 4-8 February 2005; electronic record of files provided by John Kinsman, 11 Feb 2005. - Group photo of participants :)

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Workshop report by Trudie Gerrits and John Kinsman (11 Feb 2005) (DOC)

What was done elsewhere:
Instruments and questions used in other studies on adherence

State of the art presentation on adherence (Prof. Anita Hardon) (PPT)
Ciss M et al. (PPT) Determinants of long term adherence to antiretroviral drugs among adults followed over 54 months in Dakar (Senegal)

Lanièce I et al. Adherence to HAART and its principal determinants in a cohort of Senegalese adults
Diop et al. Adherence to antiretroviral therapy in Senegal: assessment at the pharmacy level

Discussed in Bagamoyo:
Differences and commonalities of proposals (PPT) from Botswana, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa
Objectives of study, sampling frames for facilities in each country
Ethical issues
Matrix: Variables/themes, and instrument(s) to be used (DOC)
Overview of data collection methods, time and numbers (DOC)

Data collection instruments

Proposed adherence measures (description) (PPT)

Adherence tool contents (DOC)
   2-day recall "Sun and Moon" (DOC)

Adherence tool: Draft sample database (zipped), including forms, Joyce's comments (Botswana, 10 Mar 05); Monika's comments (South Africa, 11 Mar 05)

Spreadsheet: Calculation of sample size required to estimate adherence levels in facilities (including instructions)

Analysis: "Dummy tables" for adherence measurement (DOC)

Focus Group Discussions:
   with ARV users (DOC)
   with health facility staff (DOC)
   with community members (DOC)
Exit interview (DOC)Semi-structured interviews:
   with ARV users (DOC)
   with health facility staff (DOC) (see also "Checklist for investigation of facility records" when interviewing manager on admin issues)
   of encounters with health care professionals (DOC)
   of a patient visit (by surrogate buddy) (DOC)
   (may not apply to all country studies)
Suggested topics for interviews with key informants (DOC)
Checklist for investigation of facility records (DOC)

Checklist for patient records (DOC) - (it was suggested to omit this tool)