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New  Resource: Community Drug Management Assessment Tool for Malaria and Other Childhood Illnesses. A Tool to Assess Availability and Use of Pharmaceuticals at the Community level:
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Varkevisser CM, Pathmanathan I, Brownlee A. Designing and Conducting Health Systems Research Projects. Volume I: (7.1 MB) Proposal Development and Fieldwork, Volume II: (4.1 KB) Data analysis and report writing.. WHO / IDRC, 2003.

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SOURCE: A free information support centre designed to strengthen the use and impact of information on health and disability in development. Subjects include HIV/AIDS, Disability and development, Mother and child health, Training, Health communication, Monitoring and evaluation, Information and knowledge management, and more. Over 25,000 references are accessible free of charge, about one third of which are in electronic format. SOURCE combines the expertise of four partner organisations: Centre for International Child Health (a university department), Exchange Programme (a networking and learning programme on health communication), Handicap International (a disability NGO) and Healthlink Worldwide (a health communication NGO). Click here to send an e-mail to SOURCE


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Sabate E. Adherence to long-term therapies. Evidence for action. (1.6 MB) Geneva, Switzerland: WHO, 2003 (211 pp.).

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