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Welcome to the Home page for PRDUC course held in Pretoria, South Africa, 5-17 September 2004.

This home page includes materials used in the course, including the course manual for the first week (PDF 6.5 MB), session notes, trainers notes, visual aids, materials for course organisation and resource materials.

Resource: Community Drug Management Assessment Tool for Malaria and Other Childhood Illnesses. A Tool to Assess Availability and Use of Pharmaceuticals at the Community level:
Flyer (PDF, 759 KB), zipped (60 KB)
Manual (PDF, 1.3 MB)

In addition, materials produced during the course such as data collection instruments and analysis tables (matrices) used for the fieldwork are also provided. The results have been summarised in a consolidated report.

Proposals: A Call For Applications for Promoting Rational Drug Use in the Community was issued at the end of the course. Proposals were received from Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Suriname, Tanzania and Uganda.

Based on selected country proposals submitted after the course, a follow-up workshop was held in Bagamoyo, Tanzania, from 4-8 Feb 2005. At this workshop, a common methodology for country studies on adherence to antiretroviral therapy was agreed upon. Country studies were carried out in Botswana, Tanzania, Uganda (supported by funding from WHO) and South Africa (at own expense). These reports have now been published and are available on request from Richard Laing at WHO in Geneva.

PDF versions of the report From Access to Adherence: The Challenge of Anti retrovirals are available on the web at http://www.who.int/medicines/publications/challenges_arvtreatment15Aug2006.pdf (4.2MB)

Individual Chapters are available by clicking on links below

Synthesis chapter (3.5MB)

Botswana (1MB)   Tanzania   ( 0.7MB) Uganda (1.3MB)

Quality information in field research

Training manual on practical communication skills for field researchers and project personnel

Ane Haaland and Sassy Molyneux

with Vicki Marsh

Resource group:

Annie Willets,Wilfred Mutemi and Washington Onyango-Ouma

Wellcome-KEMRI Research Programme and WHO/TDR


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Course report     

List of course participants

List of course trainers

Group photograph of course participants

Course flyer

Click here for a report on the LA-PRDUC course held in Nicaragua August 2004 (in Spanish)     Course materials (in Spanish) (zipped version)

Click here for a report on the PRDUC course held in Jaipur, India Jan 15-24 2006 


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