Priority Medicines for Europe and the World Project

"A Public Health Approach to Innovation"


Appendices to Section 3

Priority Setting

3.1    Priority setting for health research: lessons from developing countries 

Health Policy and Planning 2000:15(2):130-136.

3.2    World Development Report 1993 [pdf 24.8MB]


3.3    A research policy agenda for science and technology [pdf 11.2MB]


3.4    Strategic emphasis for tropical diseases research : a TDR perspective [pdf 59KB]

        Reprinted with permission from Elsevier. (Trends in Parasitology 2002;18(10):421-426).


3.5    Health Care Priority Setting -- Implications for Health Inequalities [pdf 406KB]


3.6    Progress in priority-setting methodologies [pdf 559KB]


3.7    Working paper on priority infectious diseases requiring additional R&D, WHO-IFPMA ROUND TABLE [pdf 473KB]