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"A Public Health Approach to Innovation"


Appendices to Section 6.2

Pandemic Influenza

6.2.1    Commission Working Document on Community [pdf 186KB]

6.2.2    WHO Global Influenza Programme - Global Agenda on Influenza Surveillance and Control [pdf 201KB]

6.2.3    WHO Resolution -- Prevention and Control of Influenza Pandemics and Annual Epidemics [pdf 133KB]

6.2.4    WHO Guidelines on the Use of Vaccines and Antivirals during Influenza Pandemics [pdf 516KB]

6.2.5    EMEA Guideline on Dossier Structure and Content for Pandemic Influenza Vaccines Marketing Authorisation Application [pdf 251KB]

6.2.6    EMEA Guideline on Submission of Marketing Authorisation Applications for Pandemic Influenza Vaccines through the Centralised Procedure [pdf 221KB]