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Three months passed and it is near the end of my intern in WHO.
This CD contains nearly all of my work for these three months. Nearly incredible, I have done so much. But without the support of my supervisors, my colleagues and all of my friends, I could not have achieved this.
Firstly, I want to thank my supervisor, Dr Richard Laing, an expert with huge talent. He gave me guidance through my intern, not only the professional knowledge, but also how to plan my career.
Secondly, Kath, my roommate and best friend here, gave me numerous help patiently in both my study and life. I will miss her forever. I cannot forget when I was nearly late to send in my dissertation, she said sadly, “It’s all my faults to make you so late” and forced me to take her 100 CHF to take the taxi although I didn’t accept, it made me so moved.
Thirdly, thanks all of the colleagues in WHO, Lisa and Ann, helped me whenever I was in trouble. Ana, asked me to help her with the Chinese translation, is always so kind and friendly to help me. Sister Jing, Pengxiao, Dandan, Daoyu, etc.etc.
Also, my supervisor in LSE, Panos, although he was not my personal tutor and may not know my face, still help me with my paper and any of my queries.
Last but not least, thanks to all the Chinese I met during my China Visit. Dr. Sun Jing, Prof. Ye Lu, Prof. Sun Qiang and all of my informants. I cannot finish all of my work without their kind support.

I don’t have any religious beliefs. But if God exists, he will bless all of you in your whole life.
Ziyan Wang
October 5, 2007



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