Chinese Pharmaceutical Policy Studies

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English background documents

1          National Essential Drug List 2004

1.1        National Essential Medicines List 2004 (Western Medicines and Biological Products Index)
National Essential Medicines List 2004 with details
Comparison of EDL with IDL

2          Summary Papers

2.1        200709 Pharmaceutical Price Policies and Practices in China (Ziyan Wang's 2007 LSE Dissertation)
2.2        200706
Pharmaceutical Policy in China: Issues and Problems in China (Shenglan Tang)
2.3        200706
A Proposal for High Level Forum on Developing National Medicines Policy (NMP) to Secure the Essential Medicine System in China
2.4        2006
Reform of the Chinese Pharmaceuticals System A Review and Evaluation (Jigang Wei)

3          Surveys of Medicine Prices Availability, Affordability and Price Components in China Using the WHO/HAI Methodology

3.1        2004 Shandong Survey
3.2        2006
Shanghai Survey

4          Article Reprints

4.1        2007 An Investigation into Local Government Plans for Public Health Emergencies in China (pdf)
4.2        2007
A Review of Health Resource Tracking in Developing Countries (pdf)
4.3        2007
10 Best Resources on . . . Health Equity (pdf)
4.4        2007
Testing the medicine price booklet for consumers
4.5        20061029
HTA as a Basis for Reimbursement and Priorities in Health Care
4.6        20060802
Medicine Pricing Policy in China (ppt)
4.7        2005
Changes in Access to Health Care in China, 1989–1997 (pdf)
4.8        2005
Community-based Health Insurance in Poor Rural China (pdf)
4.9        2004
Development of the Rural Health Insurance System in China
4.10    2004
Health Care System and Reimbursements Issues in China (ppt)
4.11    2004
Health Sector Reform and Reproductive Health Services in Poor Rural China (pdf)
4.12    2002
Economic Transition and Maternal Health Care for Internal Immigrants Shanghai (pdf)
4.13    2002
Health Equity in Transition from Planned to Market Economy (pdf)
4.14    2002
Hospital Charge Exemptions for the Poor in Shandong (pdf)
4.15    2001
Changing Access to Health Services in Urban China
4.16    2001
Pharmaceutical Cost Containment Policy Shanghai (pdf)
4.17    2000
Chinese Experience of Hospital Price Regulation (pdf)
4.18    2000
Comparing the Services and Quality of Private and Public Clinics in Rural China (pdf)
4.19    1999
Evaluating Payment Mechanisms How Can We Measure Unnecessary Care (pdf)
4.20    1999
Intervention Research in Rational Use of Drugs a Review (pdf)
4.21    1998
Determinants of Patient Choice of Medical Provider a Case Study in Rural China (pdf)
4.22    1997
Health Human Resource Development in Rural China (pdf)
4.23    1996
The Cost of Coverage Rural Health Insurance


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