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Chinese Pharmaceutical Policy Studies

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Sectors combination


20000221 Guidelines on Urban Medical System Reform


Ÿ           implementing cross-industry management within health sector;

Ÿ           establish the sort management system of medical facilities;

Ÿ           establish and improve the medical service system with rational combination of community health services facilities, general hospitals and special hospitals;

Ÿ           strengthen the macro-management of medical resources allocation;

Ÿ           reform prevention and health care system;

Ÿ           implementing separate calculation and management of medical services and drug sales;

Ÿ           regulate the scopes and methods of financial subsidy;

Ÿ           adjusting the prices of medical services to reflect the labour values of health workers;

Ÿ           further adjusting the structure of medical production:

Ÿ           promote medicines distribution system reform:

Ÿ           strengthen legislation auditing and management: cancel medicine market fairs;

Ÿ           adjusting medicine prices: government pricing or government instructive pricing and market pricing;

Ÿ           Strengthen the leadership.


20041009 Strengthening Medical and Drug Prices Auditing and Reducing Civilian's Burden of Medical Expenditure

Ÿ           continue to reduce the prices of government pricing medicines;

Ÿ           regulate enterprises’ market pricing behaviours:

Ÿ           establish and improve internal price management system in medical facilities: including keeping the public informed of prices and medical expenses invoice system;

Ÿ           strengthen doctors’ prescription management

Ÿ           explore new medical payment methods: if possible, DRG can be impl20041009 Strengthening Medical and Drug Prices Auditing and Reducing Civilian's Burden of Medical Expenditure emented.





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