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Regulations on drugs used in community


20020820 Suggestions on Further Developing Urban Community Medical Service


Establishment and property of community health service centers

Government financial support criteria:

Personnel and trainings;

Audit and management: 


20060221 Guidelines on Developing Urban Community Medical Services


Situation: quality medical resources are pooled by large hospitals. Community health service resources are scarce. The service capability is weak and cannot meet local patients’ needs.

Principles and goals to develop community services

Promote the establishment of community health service system:

Actions to improve the development of community health services

20060622 Guidelines on Promoting Participants of Medical Insurance to Use Community Health Services Adequately


Principles: promote the reforms of urban medical system, medicine production and distribution system and medical insurance system simultaneously;

Actively involve the community health facilities matching relevant standards in designating medical facilities by BIM;

Actively involve the community health service items matching relevant standards in reimbursement scopes;

Actions to promote BMI participants using community medical services:

Audit and monitor:


20060627 Notices on Strengthening the Medical Service and Drug Prices Management of Urban Community Medical Service Facilities


Reducing the margins of drugs and controlling the actual retail prices of government pricing drugs strictly: government pricing drugs sold in community health service centers are priced at manufacturer prices or border prices plus fixed distribution margins;

Encouraging the production, supply and consumption of cheap medicines: on the premise of quality assurance, encouraging producers and distributors reducing production costs through simplifying packaging, designating production and centralizing supply;

Promoting centrally procurement and supply, distribution with zero margin and separating medical services and drug sales.


20070528 Notices on Strengthening the Designated Production Prescription and Price Management at Urban Community and Rural Areas


Government-designated manufacturers are encouraged to assure the quality of drugs, print the retail price on even the smallest retail package, and reduce drug costs and prices by simplifying packaging, and centralizing supply;

These drugs’ prices are set by the Government separately with more flexible mark-ups;

Community and rural medical facilities should give priority to procuring and consuming drugs produced by designated manufacturers, not through a central bidding system and they should be procured by medical facilities directly and supplied centrally;

Strengthen the audit of the whole production and distribution process;


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