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New rural cooperative medical services


20010524 Guidelines on Rural Health Reform and Development


Ÿ            fully implementing primary care;

Ÿ            reform health management system;

Ÿ            improve health service network;

Ÿ            promote the reform of town and township hospitals;

Ÿ            improve the quality of health workforces;

Ÿ            consummate health economic policies: including subsidy scope and methods;

Ÿ            strengthen the supply and usage management of medicines: including establishing essential medicine list for village doctors according to national EDL and the roles and functions of county health work;

Ÿ            implement multi-form health insurance for rural population;

Ÿ            Strengthen organization and leadership.


20030116 Suggestions on Establishing New Rural Cooperative Medical System


Ÿ            principles to establish new rural cooperative medical system:

Ÿ            organizing and manage;

Ÿ            funds raising standard;

Ÿ            capital management:

Ÿ            organizing and implementation


20040113 Guidelines on Further Improving Pilots of New Rural Cooperative Medical Services


Ÿ            insist on the principle of voluntary attendance;

Ÿ            strengthen organizing and management: pilots in Jilin, Zhejiang, Hubei and Yunnan Provinces;

Ÿ            Principles on selecting pilots;

Ÿ            conduct baseline surveys on local economic developing levels, situation on medical facilities services, morbidity, medicine consumption and expenses and local rural population’s willingness to attend;

Ÿ            funds raising standard and methods;

Ÿ            establish mutual assistance funds, mainly for expensive medical expenses, and family accounts rationally;

Ÿ            establish subsidy standard for deduction, maximum limitation and subsidy proportion rationally based on baseline surveys, total revenue and potential increase on access to medical care;

Ÿ            explore simple and convenient reimbursement methods;

Ÿ            manage funds strictly: separate revenue and expenses;

Ÿ            strengthen the audit and monitor of funds: proclaim the revenue, expenses and its distribution to the public regularly;

Ÿ            improve rural health service condition and service quality;

Ÿ            strengthen monitor on drug quality and procurement: including promoting drug procurement through centralized bidding or by county or township health centres on behalf of village clinics.


20070528 Notices on Strengthening the Designated Production Prescription and Price Management at Urban Community and Rural Areas


Ÿ            Government-designated manufacturers are encouraged to assure the quality of drugs, print the retail price on even the smallest retail package, and reduce drug costs and prices by simplifying packaging, and centralizing supply;

Ÿ            These drugs’ prices are set by the Government separately with more flexible mark-ups;

Ÿ            Community and rural medical facilities should give priority to procuring and consuming drugs produced by designated manufacturers, not through a central bidding system and they should be procured by medical facilities directly and supplied centrally;

Ÿ            strengthen the audit of the whole production and distribution process;


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