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Urban employees' basic medical insurance


19890809 Free Medical Care Management Measures


Ÿ            General principles:

Ÿ            Persons to enjoy the free medical services;

Ÿ            Reimbursement scopes:

Ÿ            Management


19940414 Suggestions on Pilots of Employees' Medical System Reform

19960505 Notices on Expending the Pilots of Medical Insurance System Reform of Employees

19981214 Decisions on Establishing the Basic Medical Insurance System for Urban Employees


Ÿ            these three documents are continuous documents from pilots to decisions

Ÿ            coverage and payment methods: the employers pay about 6% of total employees’ income and the employees pay 2% of their income;

Ÿ            establish personal accounts and mutual assistance accounts;

Ÿ            strengthen the management and audit of basic medical insurance funds;

Ÿ            strengthen the management of medical services.


19990426 Notices on the Management of Designated Retail Pharmacies for Urban Employees' Basic Medical Insurance


Ÿ            definition of designated retail pharmacies and filling the prescription outsides hospitals;

Ÿ            requirements of certification and conditions;

Ÿ            application procedures and materials required;

Ÿ            contracts signed between social security administration departments.


20000429 Suggestions on Implementing the Medical Reimbursement of National Civil Servants


Ÿ            the scopes of reimbursement;

Ÿ            source and use of funds;

Ÿ            management.


20010804 Medical Reimbursement Measures of Central Government Civil Servants in Beijing (temporary)


Ÿ            the scopes of reimbursement;

Ÿ            source and use of funds;

Ÿ            management and audit.


20030407 Notices on Increasing the Coverage of Urban Employees' Basic Medical Insurance


20030514 Notices on Consummating Designated Medical Facilities Consultative Management by Basic Medical Insurance


20030526 Guidelines on Urban Flexible Employees Participating Medical Insurance


Ÿ            participating methods, incentives and reimbursement methods;

Ÿ            management.


20060516 Notices on Expending the Coverage of BMI of Migrant Workers from Rural Areas

Ÿ            focus on the security of severe diseases;

Ÿ            strengthen the management and services of participating medical insurance.

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