Chinese Pharmaceutical Policy Studies

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Drug procurement through central tender   //  Pharmaceutical commerce  // Drugs used in community   // Drug pricing and prices   //  Hospital regulations  //
Pharmaceutical industry   // New rural cooperative medical services // Prescription  // Urban employees' basic medical insurance   // Sectors combination

Pharmaceutical commerce


20010228 The Law of the PRC on the Management of Medicines and Chemical Reagents

20020915 Implementing Regulations on the Law of the PRC on Medicines Management

Ÿ           General principles

Ÿ           Management of manufacturers:

Ÿ           Management of distributors:

Ÿ           Management of medicines in medical facilities:

Ÿ           Management of medicines:

Ÿ           Management of the packages of medicines:

Ÿ           Management of medicine prices and advertisement:

Ÿ           Medicine audit:

Ÿ           Legislation responsibility


20030424 Good Supply Practice Qualification Management Measures

Ÿ           general principles;

Ÿ           organization and implementation;

Ÿ           certification authority;

Ÿ           requirements for certificating inspectors;

Ÿ           application and procedures to inspect;

Ÿ           on-the-spot inspection;

Ÿ           examining, approval and issuing the certification;

Ÿ           auditing and monitoring


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