Technical Briefing Seminar
on Essential Medicines Policies

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30 September-4 October 2002


Programme presentations (in PowerPoint)

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  1. 25 Years of Essential Drugs/Medicines - Impact & Challenges

Selection of Essential Medicines

  1. WHO Model List of Essential Medicines: Update 2002

What is access?

  1. Access to essential medicines

  2. Access to HIV/AIDS medicines

  3. Access to antimalarial medicines

  4. Access to anti-TB medicines: The GDF

Procurement and supply

  1. Medicine procurement, supply and distribution

What is quality?

  1. Medicine/Drug regulation and quality assurance

  2. Pre-qualification of antiretroviral medicines

  3. Assessment of regulatory capacity at country level

Medicine Prices and Financing

  1. Differential Pricing

  2. WHO/NGO Price Survey Methodology

  3. Generic Policies

What is rational medicine use

  1. Promoting rational medicine use

Country programmes

 15.  Country programmes

Open session

  1. Monitoring medicines donations

  2. Delhi Society for promotion of rational use of drugs

Global issues

  1. Global Medicines Funds, International Coordination

  2. Impact of globalisation, international trade agreements, Doha


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