Technical Briefing Seminar
on Essential Medicines Policies

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15-19 March 2004


Programme presentations (in PowerPoint)

Should you need to download one of these presentations to print it, please right-click on the title of the presentation and "Save target as" to your own drive.

  1. 25 Years of Essential Medicines (ppt 1808KB)

  2. National medicine policy (ppt 232KB)

  3. Concept of Essential Medicines and the Essential Medicine Library (ppt 812KB)

  4. WHO Essential Medicines Library (doc 55KB)

  5. WHO role assuring drug, quality, safety & efficacy (ppt 812KB)

  6. Strenghtening of drug regulatory capacity (ppt 1047KB)

  7. Prequalification of drugs for priority diseases (ppt 741KB)

  8. Essential Supplies - UNICEF (ppt 343KB)

  9. Access framework (ppt 2747KB)

  10. 3 By 5 Strategy (pdf 439KB)

  11. Access HIV-AIDS medicines (ppt 1079KB)

  12. Access antimalarias (ppt 443KB)

  13. Access TB medicines (ppt 441KB)

  14. Medicine price WHO-HAI (ppt 616KB)

  15. Multi-country study - supply organizations (ppt 889KB)

  16. Strengthing WHO's work in country (ppt 75KB)

  17. EDM support to country (ppt 579KB)

  18. EDM country support - 3 by 5 (ppt 124KB)

  19. Monitoring & evaluation of pharma situation (ppt 269KB)

  20. EDM working with contries - Tanzania (ppt 177KB)

  21. WTO & medicines - Doha to Cancun (ppt 300KB)

  22. Pharmacovigilance (ppt 556KB)

  23. Rational Use of Drugs (ppt 552KB)

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