Technical Briefing Seminar
on Essential Medicines Policies

Global issues


Cost-Containment Mechanisms for Essential Medicines, Including Antiretrovirals, in China - Health Economics and Drugs EDM Series No. 13
(WHO; 2002; 30 pages)  [FR] [ES]   

Drug Patents under the Spotlight 
(MSF; 2003; 40 pages)  

Drugs and Money - Prices, Affordability and Cost Containment 
(WHO; 2003; 158 pages)  

Effective Medicines Regulation: Ensuring Safety, Efficacy and Quality - WHO Policy Perspectives on Medicines No. 7, 2003   [FR] [ES]   

Globalization and Access to Drugs 
(WHO, WHO/EDM; 1999; 97 pages)  [FR] [ES]  

Globalization, Patents and Drugs an Annotated Bibliography - Second Edition - EDM Series N 10
(WHO/EDM; 2001; 52 pages)  

Globalization, TRIPS and Access to Pharmaceuticals - WHO Policy Perspectives on Medicines, No. 3, 2001   [FR] [ES]   

Implications of the Doha Declaration on the Trips Agreement and Public Health 
(WHO; 2002; 56 pages)  [FR] [ES]   

Integrating Public Health Concerns into Patent Legislation in Developing Countries
(SC; 2000; 140 pages)  [FR] [ES]   

IPR, Innovation, Human Rights and Access to Drugs - An Annotated Bibliography - Health Economics and Drugs EDM Series No. 14
(WHO; 2003; 82 pages)  

Network for Monitoring the Impact of Globalization and TRIPS on Access to Medicines, Meeting Report, 19-21 February 2001, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand 
(WHO; 2002; 67 pages)  

Protection and Promotion of Traditional Medicine - Implications for Public Health in Developing Countries 
(SC; 2002; 131 pages)  

Protection of Data Submitted for the Registration of Pharmaceuticals: Implementing the Standards of the Trips Agreement
(SC; 2002; 77 pages)  

Public-Private Roles in the Pharmaceutical Sector - Implications for Equitable Access and Rational Drug Use 
(WHO, WHO/DAP; 1997; 115 pages)  [FR] [ES]

The TRIPs Agreement and Pharmaceuticals
(Directorate General of Drug and Food Control - Indonesia , WHO; 2000; 91 pages)  

Utilizing TRIPS Flexibilities for Public Health Protection through South-South Regional Frameworks 
(SC; 2004; 110 pages)  


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